My name is Clare O’Dea and I am the author of the non-fiction book, The Naked Swiss: A Nation Behind 10 Myths (second edition published in 2018 by Bergli Books). The book is available directly from Bergli, in Swiss book shops and from the usual online retailers. The French translation, La Suisse mise à nu, and the German translation, Die Wahre Schweiz, were published by Helvetiq in 2018.

© Elaine Pringle Photography

Originally from Dublin, I have lived in Switzerland for the past fifteen years, on the invisible line where the French- and German-speaking cultures meet. When not on peacekeeping patrol, I work as a writer and translator. I spent nine years as a journalist  / online editor at the international news service of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, www.swissinfo.ch, covering Swiss politics, culture and business news.

If you would like to read a sample of my fiction, try The Favour, a short story that was published in The Irish Times and nominated for the 2017 Hennessy New Irish Writing awards.

A good way to keep up-to-date with news and events about The Naked Swiss is to follow the Facebook page for the book. This article and podcast give the best answer to the question – what’s the book about?

I am available for writing and communications work (see contact page). You will find me on Twitter @clareodeaz. Thanks for stopping by!

Formerly employed by The Irish Times, Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE, Today FM, Gúna Nua Theatre Company (all in Dublin) and The Moscow Times.


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