A selection of recent interviews, articles and opinion pieces connected to The Naked Swiss: A Nation Behind 10 Myths:

Television interview on Telezüri’s Talk Täglich programme (in German) with fellow Bergli Books author Wolfgang Koydl, hosted by Hugo Bigi, June 5 2017.

Photographer Elaine Pringle came to Fribourg to do this photo shoot for her blog and talk about the story behind the book, May 14 2017.

Fergal Lenehan, Irish author and academic based in Leipzig, wrote this essay about The Naked Swiss for the Dublin Review of Books, April 5 2017.

Kate Evans, author of the Scarborough Mysteries, published an author interview on her blog, February 20 2017

Girlfriend Guide Zurich interview, January 13 2017

The English Show radio interview with Anna Wirz, November 22 2016 interview with Jennifer Lisle, November 22 2016

The Irish Times opinion piece: Switzerland offers foretaste of the difficulties to come for Brexit, October 19 2016

WRS radio interview (5 mins) with Katy Dartford: New myth-busting book about the Swiss hits the shelves, October 18 2016 interview and review: Deshalb sind wir keine langweiler Irische Autorin zerpflückt das Klischee, October 14 2016 interview with Morven McLean: Six reasons Switzerland isn’t as boring as you might think, October 12 2016 podcast interview (14 mins) with Veronica DeVore: Boring, crooked bankers? 10 myths uncovered, October 9 2016 opinion piece: Investigating 10 myths about Switzerland, October 9 2016 listicle opinion piece: 10 things people wrongly assume about the Swiss, October 5 2016

Die Weltwoche excerpt and review/interview: Licht in die Finsternis (Light in the darkness), July 29 2016

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