The Naked Irish by Clare O’Dea plus giveaway! #readingirelandmonth20

This interview with Cathy of 746Books was published today as part of #ReadingIrelandMonth20. They are the best questions I’ve been asked so far about the book. If you comment on the original post, you enter a draw to win a free copy of The Naked Irish. Enjoy!

Today on 746 Books I have an interview with Clare O’Dea, author of the book The NakedIrish.

The Naked Irish is a smart and entertaining anaysis of what it means to be Irish in the 21st century. Clare takes some of the commin clichés and assumptions about what it means to be Irish and explores their origins and how many of them are just no longer true for a changing, modern society.

Do the Irish really have a drink problem? Are we really a big gang of friendly, poetic, God-fearing emigrants who love their mammies? Clare’s clear-eyed, thoroughly researched but highly readable response to these clichés makes for a great introduciton to what it actually means to be Irish today.

I was delighted to chat to Clare about her book.

nakediHow did the idea come about to write The Naked Irish?

There has always been a tendency…

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